Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to procrastinate.

There is sometimes a one-month delay between realizing I want, or have to, do something that doesn't necessarily have a fixed deadline (exercising more, writing more, eating better, researching a lawyer so I can get divorced) and doing it.

These things I put off either seem painful, or I convince myself I don't have enough time. The resistance is strong, like trying to turn a large boat around against the flow of the river. I convince myself I'll never get them done and add them to the list of failures to abuse myself over.

A few weeks or a month or so later, I realize I suddenly have the motivation to do some of these things, or I realize I'm actually doing them without planning to at all. I realize this after the fact. Just as slowly as a boat turns itself around in the river, however, I'm gradually remembering this natural law before the fact. Big tasks take little effort over time.

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