Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Listen to this.

I wish I knew some exhortations in Spanish because if I did I would shout them.


Anonymous said...

I'm scrambling to find my english to spanish dictionary right now.
I fear, however, that the words I find to describe this will be too bland.
Perhaps I'll just do some of the bad dancing of mine with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, that was me.
Why am I anonymous now? That's just creepy.
Let me be ME!

Eric said...

I had some issues related to that regarding your blog, actually. I have to log out of Wordpress first or it shows my "business" grownup identity when I comment on your stuff, and so it links to my boring work blogs. Which are done through wordpress. When I read your blog, I'm reading it as a real person. So it should associate me with this blog, which is about farts, dogs, losing your temper, and other shit that matters.