Friday, May 20, 2011

Top Ten Lyrics Unintentionally Referencing Prison Rape, Part 1: Roy Orbison

From Working for the Man

"Forget about your woman and that water can
Today were working for the man...

...Don't relax
I want elbows and backs
I wanna see everybody from behind

'Cause you're working for the man, working for the man /
You gotta make him a hand, when you're working for the man

Oh well I'm pickin' 'em up and I'm laying 'em down
I believe he's gonna work me into the ground
I pull to the left I heave to the right
I wanna kill him but it wouldn't be right."

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Anonymous said...

Ever since becoming a regular viewer of the old HBO series "OZ" I have made it my number one priority in life to never become incarcerated or prison raped.

Every time a characted walks around a corner and finds himself in a concrete dead end all I can think is "OH GOD, you are a sitting DUCK! Get out of there or you are going to get it!"