Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day Parade


Anonymous said...

This is my kind of event.
I know it probably had hippies and Elizabeth already said it had hidden political messages delivered by subversive yet terrifying puppets but I can't help myself.
Also, I will need to borrow that horrifying black crow ensemble to teach a lesson to the local blue jay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I almost forgot...
When you are experiencing post rock show swagger you need to get into your powerstance and upload a thousand pictures of you fighting off rabid fans.
Thank god I have Elizabeth here to tell me these things.
Never keep rockstardom a secret.

Eric said...

I should write more about the parade - I was thinking of it. It has a whole story, always overtly (not hidden) environmental. One year it was all about "water." This year it was "Caws for Alarm" (hence the crows). Every year I get a lump in my throat at the end, there's something about the way the story just unfolds, and all of the puppets and such personify "the earth" in a way that makes me want to rush out and chain myself to a whaling ship. also, once a long time ago I volunteered for a puppetry company and we did shit like this. and i used to go to dead shows occasionally... as for the rockstardom, ah if only. it is more like a bunch of middle-age dads (some of whom have kids in college) and a similar audience, albeit female. but thanks. you and elizabeth make me feel cooler than i am.