Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taking off

What she said. I need a full three days of not typing --- I mean it. My hands are really killing me lately.


dufmanno said...

Like I said to Elizabeth, I'm expecting video and film documentation.There is nothing more exciting for me than a road trip. Even if it's one I'm not going on personally.
Then again you can download a clip of me talking to you guys and then it WILL be like I'm there.
Nevermind, that's too creepy.

Eric said...

Time to come clean, if we become your blog friend we actually steal your soul so in fact, we already hear you (and elly and others) every time you write something. Its a svengali trick. Now if I may excuse myself, time to go make my own waffle and hang out with some hunters and moody teens (that's what you get hoteling in SD). Bye friend