Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to New York for my brothers' wedding, 11/16 to 11/21/10

I've posted a lot of pictures and notes in the next several posts. Some of the pictures are bad, grainy shots of kids eating bagels in the back of the car, but will serve my own memory. Others are pretty. The pretty ones are dedicated to my Mom, who made the trip possible and furnished many of these memories including providing extensive transportation by car, ferry, train and plane. Thank you Mom.
Montauk Point
Ferry ride
Ambrose at Mom's house loving up the kitten.
Got to admit, these are all pictures of my time with the boys and the big omission is much about the actual wedding, my brother, our lives together and his new wife. There weren't many picture taking opportunities for the wedding parts. My brother knows I expressed my feelings about him at other points though, thankfully not captured in the blog because I'd be embarrassed (I did a Best Man speech). You're the best man Eath, and I love you too.

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Pearl said...

Awww. :-) That was lovely.