Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010. Visiting home.

Here on LI with the boys. Wireless signal is weak at mom's so via phone, a summary of today's immersion course for the children of transplanted New Yorkers:

Sicilian pizza
Dunkin Donuts for the kids Dunkin Donuts coffee for me (where the term "regular coffee" is understood)
Paint pot rocks
Port Jefferson
Nautical history
A Greek diner.


Anonymous said...

I would kill someone for a ferry ride and a meal at a proper Greek diner.
O.K. that sounded bad.
I would punch someone very hard.
I miss NY.
Oh, also Chinese food. DC has horrific Chinese food and it's not right.

Eric said...

You get it! Someone gets it! My friends and family who still live here (I'm still visiting NY and still typing with two fingers in my mom's basement) don't understand how much they would miss something seemingly so plebeian as a Greek diner but by Zeus, they would. At least you have big monuments there in DC and titans of sorts who do clash. Ok. Thumbs hurt. Thank you for getting it.