Tuesday, November 23, 2010


First plane trip with the boys in a long time. These first pictures really only capture how tired we were at 5:00 in the morning, not the way the kids shot out of bed at 4 or gasped over the view from the window.

At one point Ambrose being who he is sat on a bagel. Ezra being who he is we laughed.

I am a master of packing activities for kids, it's one of my strengths. I brought toys, games, notebooks to draw in and a lot of candy. I still relish the amount of happiness they get out of these kid things. The feeling seeing them play with toys (having to quiet Ambrose down frequently and prevent him tumbling on the floor and kicking seats) is made poignant, warm and wounded in my chest, by the thought of them growing older and not doing this anymore. I try to stay in the moment. Many sense of that on this trip, seeing their wonder at the beach, aquarium, city and museum.

Throwing up is funny. He didn't really get sick. We're just laughing at the possible misfortune of others as we, conversely, enjoyed flying very much.

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