Sunday, November 28, 2010

One long blues.

Monday, you usually start on Sunday, but you didn't this time.

When everything gets heavy
your nerves pull tight like strings
getting plucked by every such thing

Tuesday was bills, bills, bills, bills, bills and bad news.

Bills and bad news
Bills and bad news
Bills and Bad. News.

Wednesday I was riding on the wingtips of a holiday.

Work was slow
Nothing to get sewn up
The bills were not so bad

Thursday was the holiday, coasting with no brakes.

Plates and bowls,
spoons, forks
toys left behind, kids gone.

Friday, you and me we were mean old motherfuckers, we.

Wandering in aisles
try don't think of Christmas but
Christmas keeps on howling

Saturday the goats was locking horns angry and young.

Butt heads. Make up.
into movie theater darkness

Monday started Sunday. Tomorrow is way too soon, too soon.

But when everything gets tight
you can play your nerves like strings
thanks be to Jesus for the way they sing.

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