Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18, 2010

Holiday-appropriate activities. Took the kids caroling at the old folks' home for Cub Scouts (ha, I mean WITH the Cub Scouts we went to carol at an old folks' home, not one just for Scouts). I hold tight to any moment when the kids still really act like kids (e.g., innocent, sweet, full of wonder) so hearing them sing carols without complaining, or miraculously, without replacing the Jingle Bells lyrics, qualified.
Later that day, cookies were made.
Followed by collaboration on a gingerbread house.
At night the boys asked if they could all camp out on the floor of Ezra and Ambrose's room. Elizabeth and I retired upstairs to watch Inception. The movie is disorienting; after it's over you look around the room at the objects in it and your sense of what could happen in reality is stretched. I fell asleep wondering exactly what type of dream the day had been.


Anonymous said...

Man you guys are festive this season. How much stuff can you pack into a few days? I'm lucky if I can manage to even FIND the cub scout uniforms much less get them to sing for elderly people.
Note to self- improve parenting skills for new year.

Tom G. said...

This definitely improves my perception of the Cub Scouts. When I was a kid I always considered them a quasi-fascist organization.

Yes, I was a troubled child, why do you ask?

Eric said...

I hear you on the scouts/fascism connection. My dad, protest-generation ivy-league liberal baby boomer that he is, always pointed it out. It has boosted my patriotism I have to admit, though not as much does watching West Wing. But I still squirm at some of the God references. No offense meant. It's just a little too pushy, that bit.