Monday, December 20, 2010

My son and the piano.

The other day we went caroling for this cub scout event at an old folks' home. It's a real nice one. They have a Steinway piano in the carpeted banquet room where all the kids gathered after we were done. I encouraged Ezra to go play. He wasn't shy, he was just concerned whether or not we were allowed to use it. I told him it was fine. Ezra started to play "Canon." I stood behind him watching him sway as he played it and noticing the graceful way his hands landed upon the keys. As beautiful as the sounds were it was also the sight of him that surprised me with a clutching in my throat. He was so clearly not only feeling the music, but, as you can tell from the way his hands fell upon the keyboard, adoring it. Parents paused from bundling their kids up and wandered over to listen.

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