Monday, December 27, 2010

My dog likes candy canes.

This post is not interesting.

My dog doesn't like bones. She is very picky about dog food, unlike Lydia. But she's very open-minded when it comes to people food that she can snatch off the counter. We bought an extra box of candy canes to put on the Christmas tree. Elizabeth came home to find them gone, the evidence stuck to Cassie's paws and face. Later, I smashed up 30 candy canes to make peppermint bark (which didn't turn out so great) and split the pieces between two plastic bags. I left the house and remembered just as I left, car full of children, late for a Cub Scout field trip, that the candy canes were still on the kitchen island within paw's length. She ate one of the bags. Funny thing is, Cassie is always teased about her awful breath, which reminds me of what my pet turtle's tank used to smell like when I didn't clean it as a kid, and she won't eat those "greenies" because they are too much like bones. So I guess I shouldn't complain if she likes people food that leaves her breath sort of minty fresh.

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