Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yogi's choice.

"So breathing in, stretch your arms out, way out, feel the tendon fibers stretching... and... snapping. Good. Good. Now, spin your hips so your loose, dislocated arm swings round and smacks you in the face. Great. Really let it fly, keeping your shoulder tucked, inhaling through the navel and exhaling...that's it, now drop into prananda sana and hold in widow's pose opening, keeping your heart open, and offering. Now dive down to the floor and flex your buttocks. That's it... Really push... [braaap] That's OK; the prana will come out where it will. Now. Relaxing your arms, tuck your elbow up, up, up into your left nostril and blow, letting all the energy out. Put your knee up behind your head and inhaling, exhaling push your liver out... through your asshole. Great. Ok now bananadana fo fanna, collapse into child's pose, and cry like a fucking baby.

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Eric said...

Beth and I have been following along on this Yoga for Weight Loss video. I think it's working because after we're done I hurt too bad to even bother to eat.