Friday, September 03, 2010

Starting Tuesday,

As of September 1 Beth and I committed to write something in our blogs every day for one year. Hers is: The only conditions are it be every day and at least one-word long. More than one post a day is acceptible if not desirable---I expect this opportunity to post more will encourage the competitive spirit that's already wound its way into the agreement. Yesterday after posting this she sent me a chat reading "you're it." I had my own reasons for suggesting this challenge and she had her own reasons for going along with it. If you are one of my own three to five readers I hope somewhere in here will be something you'll enjoy. If not I appreciate your sacrifice because it will help me form a writing habit. Also it might help me not talk so god-damn much. Until tomorrow, or later, Eric.

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Elizabeth said...

I would like to note that I agreed to this only because I'm fairly certain you mumbled the "one year" part of the challenge under your breath and I thought I was agreeing to one month of daily bloggging. But a deal's a deal. You're on.