Friday, July 15, 2011

here are some good things about my new job:

it is part-time
it is only four months long
it is performed in exchange for some money
some of the work may be done from home
taxes are taken out, which is painful, but it stops me from spending it all
there are some nice people there
it's good to work with people after being solo for a few years
there are opportunities for me to help innovate new things, there's an audience for ideas
it's fun taking the bus
it's incredibly motherfucking busy, so the time goes fast
because of that you feel, if not useful, at least not use-less
it will help me take criticism better, a weak point of mine, because i doubt i can avoid it there
someday soon i will meet someone else who has a stressful job, and i will get it
it's going to push me to practice the techniques I've been playing around for years, techniques to stay balanced and calm, because this environment is what they're for.

listing these things first, and leaving others out, is part of a lifelong struggle to start with the positives.

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