Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Couple weeks ago I called my insurance agent. I never talk to him but once every couple years; I called this time to have him cancel auto-payments from my checking account. They keep coming out at bad times and I saw a bad time coming. It was too late so I had to put a stop payment in through my bank.

The next day I drove into a highway barrier and smashed my windshield. No other damage to me or the car, don't worry. But I was a bit nervous having cancelled the insurance payment and then suddenly having an accident. It was fine, they fixed it.

Then this afternoon I get off the bus and walk a block to the place I leave my car during the day. Busy street, a lot of foot traffic, I'm sure a lot of cops. And yet somebody smashed the passenger window and stole my GPS. And this time the insurance company is going to be suspicious. Is this guy breaking his own windows?

I dont know if I should tell them. Anyway, what the fuck, right? Two windows two weeks?

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dufmanno said...

One of these days they are going to unearth the video from the camera they have set up under the highway overpass of the Tyler Durden smashing his own windows.
You are so Fight Club and you won't even know until you are watching your local buildings implode from a safe distance while the Pixies play in the background.