Wednesday, April 06, 2011


It's pretty insidious how you can talk yourself out of things that are good for you.

People in 12-Step meetings always talk about self-sabotage and I always thought it was bullshit. If you've worked hard for something, for a long time, why would you throw it all away?

I made a flyer and Elizabeth printed 50 of them for me. (I'm starting a new venture, a departure).

I had a lot of places to be today, and I had the stack of flyers in the car, and it was interesting to observe how many reasons I found not to put them up. Someone might actually call...

You get used to the safe distance between you and the unattainable thing, the mind adjusts to it. Suddenly the bottom drops out and the mind claws for purchase, usually seizing on insubstantial fears. Fear is dumb. 


dbs said...

This is smart.

dufmanno said...

I was raised by the white hot fist of fear and as a result I am now riddled with it.
There is a small ankle deep pool of terror and doubt that I wade through daily and it gives me just enough pause to cop out of 85 percent of things I should just go for.
My resolution for this year was to turn the fear faucet just a little further toward the "off" postition.

Eric said...

Beautifully said. I've gotten a little better over years of working on this very carefully. One of the best things that helped was meditation, but more so, riding roller coasters once in a while.