Saturday, October 02, 2010


Well, I did not.

Yesterday morning at 9:00 am a short little fellow with long hair and a long beard was reading Carl Jung at the coffee shop. (He was on line in front of me and we happened to have ordered the same kind of Pu Erh tea). It was one of those things that seemed symbolic, as any random reference to Carl Jung would for me, especially on a windy fall day such as it was. I remembered that anecdote in which Jung was listening to a patient describe a dream about a golden scarab beetle and suddenly one of them, rare for that climate, banged against the window.

So I decided to test it by writing the post above (to clarify I didn't expect to see an actual insect but at least some reference somewhere to the particular beetle). As of 12 am last night, no beetles.

Maybe a truck labeled "Scarab Piano Tuners" had passed me on the highway and I missed it. Likely one in the long string of new age stores on Lyndale in Minneapolis that I pass going to and from the coffee shop would have been a likely place to see one, obsessed as those people are with Egyptian shit, about which incidentally (not co-incidentally) I did happen to write yesterday. Perhaps I looked away at the wrong moment and missed the scarab stenciled onto the window of a crystal shop. Maybe the springs in this couch are manufactured by Scarab Springs Mfg of Munger, MI and I'll never know.

One day a month ago I was talking to my mom on the phone outside of the same coffee shop, pacing back and forth on the sidewalk as I do. Things had started coming together for me after two years' worth of some pretty trying times, the tremendous good fortune of being paired up with Elizabeth via magic algorithms notwithstanding (did we cover this, the fact that it was a computer who first introduced me to my lady?). I commented to her how odd it was that all at once many of the pieces were falling into place.

The words were coming out of my mouth as I looked to the right and saw a decal on the storefront window: "GUARDIAN ANGEL Security Systems." Life kicks holes in my occasional tendency to not believe although in this case, it could have at least used some better imagery.

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